Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Neonbrite Online dentistry and Orthodontics Review

I am writing a review about NEONBRITE as I could not find any reviews before I decided to purchase from this website.

What I wanted to purchase- Clear retainer, top and bottom as a replacement for one I had grown out of.
Price- £177 dollars including postage worldwide which was around £113 UK Sterling.
To good to be true? Definitely!

I tried to review this website before I bought the product however the only reviews of the merchandise was on the website itself- obviously this was going to be chosen by the owner themselves, his name is 'Rob'. If the reviews on the website were genuine at all- which when you hear what happened in my circumstances, the reviews are probably fictitious. 

I seen on the website that it used paypal as a method of purchasing, because of this I decided to buy the product as I knew paypal offered security and protection to buyers.

That was on the 5 May 2012.

After no contact with the seller, (not without attempts,) on 29 May 2012 I have yet to receive any products.

The only information I received was the dispatch notice where 'Rob' gave me a tracking number for the USPS courier. The update from 17 May 2012 was that the item was in Los Angeles, there were no further updates. 

I decided to open a dispute within paypal, where I stated all the issues and wished to get this resolved.

I then received emails from 'Rob' which were extremely rude and unhelpful. He was extremely unprofessional and used inappropriate language. I got into direct contact with paypal and emailed them all the emails I had received along with a screen shot of the USPS courier website. After reviewing this information I finally got my money back!

Please, do not purchase from this website, I suppose the rule of thumb is- if it sounds too good to be true, it is! 

Go to your dentist or orthodontist and buy the product you need!

If anyone else has had any bad experiences from this website please comment below, the more information the better so that others can make an informed decision.


  1. I just want to add to this review that I have now got a retainer from Ebay of all places! And ti is perfect, and by far cheaper than what Mr Rob from Neon Brite was offering. I paid £50 that includes delivery. If the impressions were not correct he would keep sending out putty to re-do free of charge. That is what is called customer satisfaction. The man I purchased from was based in Manchester.

    1. Hi
      I'm facing the problem of him not replying. I'm from Singapore, but he sent the package to China. I emailed him but he didn't reply me. What am I going to do? It's my hard earned money and I have to work and study at the same time.

    2. Hi Tracy,

      I am really sorry to hear about your woes, sorry for the delayed reply, I took a break from moderating my blog. I hope you have got the situation resolved now. I would always stress that when making purchases online, try to use paypal as much as possible to protect yourself.

      Best wishes

  2. Gosh, if only I have done more research before spending over $700 for a partial denture through Neon Brite, I feel like an idiot and $700 poorer! The public needs to be informed of this so that this jerk doesn't steal more people's money :/

    1. Hi Yuri,

      Sorry for the delay, the holiday season kept me busy.

      Can I ask how you made your purchase? If it was through paypal, you can raise a case against Neon Brite with no hassle, and try and get your money back!

      If it was through a direct payment, I would get in touch with your bank or building society and see if they can offer any help- particularly with credit cards as there is protections in place for fraudulent/mishandled goods.

      I hope you get your money back, sorry to hear you were also a victim of this company.

      Best wishes

  3. This person has done the same thing to me. He sent me a retainer that was no good which I had to send back. His descriptions on the website is misleading. He has taken my money, promised me a refund or a replacement and I never heard from him again. This man is a thief, a fraud. I wish I had information like this before I ever made the huge mistake of deciding to use this person. I have all the emails he sent to me, promising my money back, promising a replacement. He either ignores your emails or he outright lies.

    1. I completely agree with you Romanov, it is an absolute disgrace. It seems there is a lot of this type of thing happening with regards to Neonbrite. The situation you describe sounds exactly what I went through. Which is the only reason I created a blog. I have also seen your comment about going to ripoffreport, thank you for this suggestion, I will definitely do this as I think it is important that other people can be protected from this type of thing. Unfortunately it sounds like too many people have been scammed so hopefully our views and comments on this site and also ripoffreport might help others before buying and maybe eventually his site will be taken out.

      Best Wishes,

      Stefanie Jameson

  4. I suggest you go to ripoffreport.com and see that this person has other complaints made about him.


    This fraudster should be put of of business. I wonder how many other people he has scammed money out of?

  5. file a complaint with the FTC. I am in the same situation

  6. i am so glad i read these reviews! as i was reading up on neon brite i was exicted to finally get a retainer for cheap! can u please let me know where you found your retainer on ebay at??

    thanks so much ,

  7. Hi Ashley,

    I purchased my retainer with ebay user name smilesbetterteeth

    The purchase I made with this ebay user was great and I still use the retainers to this day, so I hope this works out for you and you get the same service I received, although I want to be careful and say that I am not endorsing just this particular seller, I'm sure there are many other sellers out there who have an equally impressive service.

    Good work for doing some research as well.


  8. Hi,

    I am sorry to hear about all the complaints about Neonbrite but I must say my experience with them was quite different. I placed an order through Paypal on Nov. 18, 2013 for a flexible partial denture and received the kit on the 22nd of Nov. I followed the instructions that came with it, as well as watch the video online on how to make the impressions and put the kit back in the mail the same day. On Dec. 10th I received an email from Rob stating he had mailed the partial. I got it on Dec. 13th. This whole process was over a 3 week period including the Thanksgiving holiday. My partial is a perfect fit and is very comfortable. All my communications with Rob were very polite. I am sorry you guys had some issues but if I need anything else, I will certainly be using Neonbrite.


  9. I recommend using Neonbrite! I was shocked to come across these negative postings. I have purchased from Rob at Neonbrite on 3 separate occasions over the years and never had a problem. In fact, the retainer I received was better than the original retainer that was made by my orthodontist. I have always been able to get Rob on the telephone and he is always courteous.

    Some of the people posting here were unhappy with the service. I noticed many of the negative postings were from overseas. U.S. businesses are at the mercy of the mail service when sending items overseas. It is unreasonable to expect something quickly when it comes from the U.S. and you are in another country.

    For those of you who had issues with the fit, you need to realize that your purchase is only going to be as good as the impression you take of it. My advice is that you evaluate your skills in being able to make a correct impression for the lab. If you are unable to do this, then go to a professional to do it for you.

    Neonbrite is a good company. It’s sad to see people trashing it when the complaints are for issues beyond the company’s control.

    Aimee Tenaglia
    Attorney at Law since 1997

  10. I'm not sure what any of you managed to do incorrectly when ordering from him. I got my product(Which is AMAZING) in a very timely manner about 2.5 weeks after I shipped my impressions out. The owner Rob was very helpful in the two times I spoke with him on the phone, which btw are the only two times I called him and he picked up immediately. This company is fantastic, if you follow the instructions. I've received from them one of the most amazing/comfortable pontics I've ever owned. I recommend this company to everyone whose in need of such services.

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  12. I recently purchased appliances from Neonbrite, and I was impressed with the final product. They fit perfect. I would like to thank Rob for his promt and informative answers to my questions. Rob was courteous and professional through out my purchase. So I would like to thank Neonbrite for the service they provide. Not only was it easy and fast, but it saved me hundreds of dollars that I would have been charged by my Orthodontist. I highly recommend Neonbrite for your appliance needs.

  13. I ordered my Hawley retainers the beginning of this month, Jan. 2014. I did what the directions said. the youtube demo was very helpful. I received my retainers a couple of days ago and they fit perfectly! They couldn't have turned out any better!!! I am very regretful for this company. When i had a question, Rob was professional and helpful and returned my email in a proper manner. The price was right for me. My orthodontist would've charged me $300 per arch for these particular retainers. Thank you Rob for being such a blessing! :-)))))

  14. I contacted Rob at Neonbrie after my own dentist would not help me with a temporary bridge during surgery for implants. According to regular dentist there was nothing he could do there was nothing to attach it to. Even the specialist wouldnt help me after surgery and told me its gonna be a long time before you have any teeth. I couldnt stand walking around like this and have people stare at my mouth while I was talking. Before I odered I watched the videos on youtube a few times. I was reluctant seeing how negative my two dentists were. But I have to admit. I ordered the invisalign bridge and it it working perfectly, The teeth match perfectly and its a good fit to my mouth it doesnt move around. I had good service it did take about a month to get the final product and there was no contact during that time. It did take a few days for a reply asking where are my teeth. But I am very happy with my purchase. He is the only one who would help me and all for a little over 200 hundred dollars. I have to go again to the dentist this Thursday and cant wait to show him how wrong he was about not being able to do anything and letting me walk around with no teeth. I am grateful to Rob. I really am and no. I am not a friend and have never met him. I live the east coast.

  15. Hi

    Just got my partial denture from Rob and I must say I am very impressed with this as it fits perfectly . Also any queries that I had were answered very quickly and efficiently
    Wouldnt hesitate to recommend Neonbrite and I am not a friend of Rob's and I have never met hm as I live in the UK

  16. Hi! So this winter I lost my retainers in mexico while on vacation. I tried to get new retainers in California. However because it had been so long since my last visit to my dentist (about a year), my dentist and any other dentist here in Los Angeles refused to make retainers for me and insisted I get braces again. This was annoying because I would wear my retainer EVERYDAY before losing them so I knew they hadn't shifted much.

    I then did some google research and found out about Neonbrite and smilesbetterteeth. I also read a bunch of reviews and was torn between attempting to get some hawley retainers from neonbrite whiched seemed like a costly risk due to the reviews; or settling for the clear retainers from smilesbetterteeth even though I don't like them (I got them in mexico right away after loosing mine and have worn down pretty quickly due to my grinding). So after much consideration I decided to email Robert, he was very quick in responding so I decided to order them!
    Im not gonna lie I was freaking out! But it went so well! Far exceeded my expectations! Here are some pics of my retainers:


    I'm happy :) hope everyone else has a better experience than in the past.